Easypiercing Saline Solution Box Of 20 pcs


Intended for the daily rinsing of the piercing, the Easypiercing saline solution optimises the hydration of the wound.

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Intended for the daily rinsing of the piercing, Easypiercing® Saline Solution optimizes the hydration of the wound.
Thanks to the spray’s diffusing action, it offers a greater effect than a liquid unique dose.

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How to use ?

  • Start by washing your hands carefully with the Easypiercing® Soft Cleansing Gel and rinse with clean water.
  • Vaporize the Easypiercing® Saline Solution on a swab, rinse the piercing by delicately moving the jewel.
  • Wipe carefully by dabbing with another swab.

Conditioning : 20 sprays per box – 2kg

Shelf life : 30 months

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